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Take the time to visit (here is where you and your team will select the songs for your mix). Create an account (from the top right corner) with your email address and password. Then search for your songs from the Music link at the top of the page. There are over 50,000 songs to choose from. Purchase 7-10 songs (individually or you can select song packages) You will now own the rights to these songs for 1 year. And your receipt will be your proof of purchase documentation need for competition registrations.


Create an 8-count sheet for your routine. Then email your completed 8-count sheet to with your account info (Login ID and your password) along with your 8-count sheet, school info (Mascot, Colors, Letters, Etc) and we will get your routine music mix done. You can be as specific as you'd like with what voiceovers you want in your routine and where you want them. Downloadable 8-count sheets can be found on this page.


Once you receive your mix, I'll send you an invoice for payment. I want you, ``the customer,`` to be completely happy with your mix. As a coach, I understand that your routine will change throughout the season. Therefore, sound effects will have to be moved or adjusted. Keep your original 8-count sheet and send me the edits/changes and I will get them done in a timely manner.


Once you are satisfied with your mix you will receive an invoice from Clarke Specialties via e-mail. Follow the instructions on how to submit your payment.

8-Count Sheet 1:30

8-Count Sheet 2:30

Unleash the Beats PDF